Fuel Consumption Impacts of Auto Roof Racks
May 2016
Yuche Chen, Alan Meier
Editorial: My Apartment in Tokyo
April 2016
Alan Meier
Editorial: Free Electricity
February 2016
Alan Meier


Editorial: Water Conservation
June 2015
Alan Meier
Surviving the Internet of Things
June 2015
Alan Meier
Japan’s 6 GW Lunch Break
June 2015
Kadir Bedir, Sho Hirayama, Alan Meier, and Hidetoshi Nakagami
Renewables Are Driving Up Electricity Prices: Wait, What?
March 2015
Nancy Pfund, EEC Board of Advisors Member, and Anand Chhabra
Implications of EU-U.S. Free Trade Agreement on MEPS-Policies
February 2015
Teemu Hartikainen, Alan Meier, Ilkka Ruostetsaari


The Water Consumption of Energy Production: An International Comparison
October 2014
E S Spang, W R Moomaw, K S Gallagher, P H Kirshen and D H Marks
Multiple Metrics for Quantifying the Intensity of Water Consumption of Energy Production
October 2014
E S Spang, W R Moomaw, K S Gallagher, P H Kirshen and D H Marks
Behavioral strategies to bridge the gap between potential and actual savings in commercial buildings
February 2014
Mithra Moezzi, Christine Hammer, John Goins, and Alan Meier
An Assessment of the LADWP Commercial Lighting Efficiency Offer (CLEO) Program
January 2014
Ryan Taylor, with contributions from the California Lighting Technology Center



Automated Fault Detection & Diagnostics for Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioners
May 2012
UC Davis Western Cooling Efficiency Center
The State of Street Lighting in California
February 2012
UC Davis California Lighting Technology Center


Making Energy Savings Easier: Usability Metrics for Thermostats
August 2011
Daniel Perry, Cecilia Aragon, Alan Meier, Therese Peffer, Marco Pritoni
How people use thermostats in homes: A review
June 2011
Therese Peffer, Marco Pritoni, Alan Meier, Cecilia Aragon, Daniel Perry
Usability of residential thermostats: Preliminary investigations
March 2011
Alan Meier, Cecilia Aragon, Therese Peffer, Daniel Perry, and Marco Pritoni


Taking the Long View on LED Street Lighting
July 2010
Michael Siminovitch


Flexible Carpooling: Exploratory Study
September 2009
Diana M. Dorinson, Deanna Gay, Paul Minett, Susan Shaheen
Optimizing Wind Energy for a Small Hybrid Wind/Diesel Grid in the Galapagos Islands
April 2009
Kurt Kornbluth, PhD, Ryohei Hinokuma, Evan Johnson, and Zach McCaffrey


Appliance Energy Use in America’s Second Home: The Automobile
June 2008
Valerie Thomas, Alan Meier, Thomas Wenzel, Siva Gunda; presented at the ACEEE