Image of Akimasa Yasuoka
Akimasa Yasuoka
Vice President, Environmental Business Development Office
American Honda Motor Company, Inc.


Aki Yasuoka created American Honda’s Environmental Business Development Office in 2011 and assumed an advisory role for that group. The new organization is working on environmentally-preferable projects such as the Green Dealer Initiative and the Smart Home, as well as researching future energy businesses. Prior to taking his current role, he was a Senior Vice President of Product Regulatory, Safety and Environmental policies and regulations. Through this role he has developed a long relationship with ITS Davis, especially via Car Link (car sharing) and the STEPS programs.

He also worked for 24 years at Honda’s Research and Development facilities in Japan, Germany, and the United States, and also as the head of the Formula-1 race team in the 1990s. In part due to his engine-development experience, he is now interested in future energy management for alternative fuel vehicles.