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March 12, 2012

Effective Envelope Sealing

Effective Envelope Sealing

February 17, 2012

CLTC and Chevron Energy Solutions Light the Way to Brighter Streets and City Budget Savings

CLTC and Chevron Energy Solutions Light the Way to Brighter Streets and City Budget Savings

August 29, 2011

Oh, to Be Warm in Summer’s Heat

Why are airports, shops, offices and homes in the United States and elsewhere chilled to sweater-weather temperatures in summer when the temperature outside rises?

Read this article on The New York Times

August 24, 2011

CLTC Co-director Papamichael quoted in The New York Times

If you study the various lighting technologies, you can save money and time — and, perhaps, see every part of your home in its best light. CLTC's Papamichael says, “Experiment with different light versions, and do it slowly.”
Read the full article in the New York Times. Click here.

August 10, 2011

Can More “Usable” Thermostats Save More Energy in Small Buildings?

“Usability” expresses how well a product’s design fits users’ needs: Does it do the job intended? And is it easy and comfortable to use? In a world of proliferating gadgets, people need dependable products that combine clarity, comfort, and functionality.
A report written by Marco Pritoni for the Institute for Building Efficiency.

July 21, 2011

The environment: Global common property – Nicole Biggart, Energy Efficiency Center director

Professor Nicole Woolsey Biggart, director of the UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center, joined 30 other scholars and policy makers at The Wharton School in April to identify lessons learned from the global economic and financial crisis. Now the report of the first Globalization TrendLab Conference is available online.

Noting that the conference was about systemic risk, Biggart pointed out, “There is nothing more systemic than our environment. Water, air, you name it – if it is environmental property, we all share it… We have very new property rights issues but we don’t have ways of thinking or talking about them because our notion of property rights is rooted in very different understanding. We share systemic risk, but we do not govern ourselves systemically.”

Click here to download the executive summary PDF

May 23, 2011

UC Davis ready to debut the country’s largest zero-net energy development

The University over in Davis says it will be ready to debut the country’s largest zero-net energy development, the UC Davis West Village concept that’s under construction now, by the fall. Solar power is generated on site and puts as much energy back into the grid as is consumed by residents.

A bunch of dignitaries, including Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, gathered Thursday to cheer the arrival.

The first phase of the 130-acre project will include apartment housing for 2,000 students, an education center for Los Rios Community College, recreation and study facilities and a village square surrounded by neighborhood-serving retail.

Read the full article in the Sacramento Business Journal. Click here.

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