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November 8-9, 2011 at the UC Davis Conference Center

Corporate campuses are poised to play a vital role in reducing energy use while improving their facilities, and UC Davis’ energy efficiency centers are uniquely able to assist in this transformation. This forum is an opportunity for all stakeholders — including facility managers, policy makers and researchers — to share strategies and solutions for increasing energy efficiency on corporate campuses.


Rob Bernard, Chief Environmental Strategist for Microsoft, will be among the professionals sharing next-generation strategies and tools for achieving efficiency goals.


This two-day, invitation-only forum will address the particular needs, goals and challenges of corporate campuses.  Held November 8-9, 2011, at the UC Davis Conference Center, 550 Alumni Lane, Davis, CA, the forum will bring together select experts and professionals from a variety of fields to share proven solutions and strategies and to help shape the future of EE technologies and practices.  It’s an opportunity for stakeholders, facility managers, policy makers and researchers to hear presentations of case studies, see new technology demonstrations, share insights and input, and connect with potential partners, investors, product suppliers and service providers.   


This forum is a unique opportunity for corporate campus facility managers to:

  • Learn cutting-edge efficiency strategies from individuals and organizations leading the way
  • Meet peer-tested manufacturers, installers, service providers, and technology representatives
  • Influence researchers and technology developers by sharing their campus site’s specific needs and goals
  • Discover rebate programs and other means of reducing costs and removing barriers to technology adoption
  • Explore strategic partnerships with utilities, researchers and financial institutions


Click here for the complete program and agenda of the forum


This event is the first in a series of energy-efficiency (EE) forums hosted by UC Davis’ Energy Efficiency CenterCalifornia Lighting Technology CenterWestern Cooling Efficiency Center, and Center for Water-Energy Efficiency.  As an internationally renowned nexus for research, development and implementation of energy-efficient technologies, UC Davis is committed to facilitating energy solutions in the marketplace through education, collaboration and action.  


A select number of exhibitors will showcase their products at the event. Click here for more information. 


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